Masturbation for Better Sex and Good Penis Health

Almost every man masturbates, and that’s a good thing. Masturbation is well-known as a way to help maintain excellent penis health, as well as a man’s overall health. In fact, masturbation is an integral part of good penis care, so men are encouraged to get it on with themselves on a regular basis.

But there has long been an idea that masturbation is somehow detrimental to a relationship. When a man is in a romantic relationship with someone, he is obviously more likely to go to his partner to fulfill his sexual needs. But there is no reason for a man to stop masturbating, because hey – the more enjoyment he gets, the more healthy he will be!

In fact, studies are now looking into the idea that masturbation is actually good for a relationship. Here are a few reasons why masturbation can mean better sex:

1. A teaching tool. When a man masturbates frequently, he begins to understand exactly what works for him, where touches feel the best, and what certain pressure or speed will get him off. He also learns what feels good but allows him to hold back. By knowing these important things about his own body, a man can much more easily guide his partner to understanding what feels good for him. This leads to a much more confident partner and a much happier guy!

2. A guy can last longer. A man who doesn’t have the benefit of regular touch will be ready to go off the moment his partner touches him. That can lead to disappointment and worry for both parties. But when a guy masturbates on a regular basis, he takes that ‘edge’ off for a while – and that means that when he’s actually engaged with his partner, he can last longer than he would otherwise. This is something both people can appreciate!

3. Learning new methods of control. What if a man wants to last even longer? A guy who knows his body very well can figure out exactly what will stop him from exploding before he’s ready. For instance, a guy might find that certain way to pull down on his scrotum that will put just enough pressure on the penis – but no pain! – to stave off the impending climax. As a bonus, a guy can teach his partner how to do those things, too.

4. Spicing up the bedroom antics. A man who knows his body well might be much more inclined to let his partner in on what he does during his alone time. Rather than make masturbation a private matter, a guy can open up and let his partner watch everything he does when he pleases himself. This means that not only can his partner learn more about how to do the deed, it can also lend a sense of intimacy that brings a couple closer together.

When a man is masturbating often, he needs to take other penis health matters into account. This includes ensuring the skin is smooth, supple and always ready for action. He can take steps toward this goal with the regular use of a powerful penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Vitamin A is known for fighting bacteria, vitamin B5 is great for enhancing cell metabolism and vitamin E is fantastic for hydration – so a crème should contain all three. Beneficial amino acids like L-carnitine and L-arginine, as well as a bevy of other vitamins wrapped up in a luxurious Shea butter base, can also help ensure better overall penis health with every application.